"I see Nothing; "My, you have good eyes

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When the story shall be told….


Nothing…. Wordless, and Speechless oh! The death of my president Prof. John Evans Atta Mills…. The story tells of your death. Sorrow is what engulf my entire being… Never have I been soo down hearted in my life. This rumor for no reason I believe tells the death of the sitting president of Ghana, Gentleman extraordinaire. God keep your soul in perfect peace. Hoping that this cause which effect a nation to clad in mournful cloth will not be truth rather turns out so. Ghanaians, let this unite us. We are one people with a common destiny. God bless Ghana.. It’s not for Nothing.. Tears dripping, hands clasped; let’s pray.


Hello world!

Finally, I get to blog. Several months of desiring, contemplating, finally I get to blog. Almost a week after meeting newbies and advanced bloggers at #blogcamp12 organized by #BloggingGhana at Aiti-Kace i get to blog. A lot i did learn. Never knew so many  people from Ghana are interested in blogging.

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