"I see Nothing; "My, you have good eyes



My Homeland

Today I celebrated Independence Day with my fellow citizens. Not in the sun, not through ‘eyes-right’ and certainly not on the dais but in my hall on my couch. It’s been ages even though I’m young.

Am I happy 🙂 ; am I sad :-(. A lot we’ve got right and equally a lot we are yet to make right. 56yrs in a human life is a few years to retirement. Smiles will be on some faces n sadness on others with regret. We determine our course.

Where is the patriotism, where is the zeal our forefathers had to champion our freedom. Six years after golden jubilee and we are still or yet to get the foundation right. It’s our land, it’s our destiny. It’s not in good speeches, nor celebrations and neither is it through partisanship but through positive attitude and selflessness  then can we say that yes! we are the hope of Africa.

Ghana first! Ghana first! Ghana first!

God bless our homeland Ghana. Let us pray


2 responses to “CHEERS & JEERS @ GH56

  1. barbydaze September 18, 2014 at 9:53 pm

    Ghana first!..It shall be well. (Nyc piece)

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